[Spoilers] Spice and Wolf Rewatch (2022) — Overall Series Discussion Thread

[Spoilers] Spice and Wolf Rewatch (2022) — Overall Series Discussion Thread

Hello everyone! I am Holofan4life. 

Welcome to the Spice and Wolf rewatch discussion thread! 

I hope you all had a lot of fun ❤

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Information – MAL | Anilist | AniDb

Streams – Funimation, Crunchyroll

Please do not post any untagged spoilers past the current episode or from the LNs out of respect to the first time watchers and people who have not read the LNs. If you are discussing something that is ahead of the current episode please use spoiler tags(found on the sidebar). Thank you!

Untagged Spoilers


Rewatch Schedule 

Threads posted every day at 4:00 PM EDT 

Date Episode Date Episode
7/07/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 1 7/20/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 0 (OVA 2) 
7/08/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 2 7/21/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 1 
7/09/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 3 7/22/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 2 
7/10/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 4 7/23/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 3 
7/11/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 5 7/24/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 4 
7/12/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 6 7/25/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 5 
7/13/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 7(OVA 1) 7/26/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 6 
7/14/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 8 7/27/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 7 
7/15/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 9 7/28/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 8
7/16/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 10 7/29/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 9
7/17/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 11 7/30/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 10 
7/18/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 12 7/31/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 11 
7/19/2022 Spice and Wolf Episode 13 8/01/2022 Spice and Wolf II Episode 12 
8/02/2022 [Overall Series Discussion Thread]()

Some Questions for fun!

Final Score?

Overall Thoughts?

Best Character?

Favorite Moment?

Comment face you would like to see added?

Will you support #TeamHolo forever and ever? 

What do you see the new Spice and Wolf project being? Will it be a continuation, or a reboot?


I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who participated in the rewatch of Spice and Wolf. You are all so awesome. I love you all ❤

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