I made life size chocolates of Megumin’s thighs [Konosuba]

I made life size chocolates of Megumin’s thighs [Konosuba]

As the title suggest. I made Megumin’s thighs out of chocolate. Here are some pictures. Last time, I made Yunyun’s thighs at 1/4th scale. That post did very well, and I had a lot of fun making them and sharing them with real people. One of the things I was asked about in the original post was to do Megumin’s. And in my response, I said

I did say I'd like to do Aqua's life size so I guess doing Megumin's thighs life size would be a good thing to do along the way.

But I also said how much of a process it was to make Yunyun’s thighs at just 1/4th scale. So it really seemed like at the time, life sized thighs weren’t going to happen.

So how did this happen? Well, a couple months ago. I bought my own 3D printer, the Ender 3 Pro. Previously, I was using the 3D printer at my university. I bought the printer because I wanted to make my own concrete goddess statue from the Legend of Zelda. However, the model was too big to print without getting permission for an overnight print. Which is usually given to prints for an academic purpose, not for hobbyist. So, I just bought my own printer instead.

However, setting up your own 3D printer for the first time and working with concrete is kind of intimidating. So I decided to work on something in more familiar territory, which is why I returned to working with chocolate. Despite this, it was a real learning process. I never made such large prints before. At first I had a lot of suboptimal prints. But after a lot of fine tuning, I managed to get better quality prints. Ones that I could use for say, a life size replica of Megumin’s thighs.

Okay, that was a lot exposition. Now it’s time to talk about something that matters and answer a few questions:

  1. How is this Megumin’s thighs and not just anyone else’s thighs?
  2. How did you determine the size of Megumin’s thighs?
  3. How did you make Megumin’s thighs out of chocolate?

To answer your first question, they are Megumin’s thighs because I used a 3D model of Megumin. You can find that model here . Credit to XenoAism Studio for creating the model. Please support them.

Truth be told, if I didn’t say they were Megumin’s thighs, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell. Even though I went through the pain staking effort of making her skin white chocolate and her panties and her one thigh sock milk chocolate. I say there’s some both pros and cons to this. But I think it’s fine. Even if it’s not enough to convince everybody, I like to remember the one line Senjougahara said about how men can recognize women by the shape of their hips, and think “Yeah, someone out there probably could recognize whose thighs these are just by the shape alone.” Which is probably just as concerning as a person weird enough to make them in the first place.

To answer that second question, is fairly easy. I found a height chart for Konosuba characters online, and using it, I determined the width of Megumin’s thighs. Of course, Yunyun wasn’t in it, probably because the animation studio forgot to include her. So, I added Yunyun into the height chart for cross reference to my own chocolate thighs. After some measuring and rounding, I was pretty satisfied with the numbers. I found that Megumin’s thighs were 30 cms wide. I hope there aren’t any super die hard Megumin fans willing to argue over this.

Okay, the process of making these thighs. Here we go.

Originally, I was going to make Yunyun’s thighs life size since she already had a tried and ready 3D model. But after running the numbers, I found out it would take way too much money to get the chocolate needed. So I went with Megumin’s instead because it would require a lot less chocolate to complete.

After a lot of searching, I found XenoAism’s model. After scaling Megumin and removing everything from the model but her thighs, I separated her thighs into four pieces so I could print them on my own 3D printer. It took a few days, but I managed to print all the pieces. One pieces was fairly sub optimal, but that could be fixed in the next step. Where I applied wood fill to the whole 3D print and sanded it out to give it a smoother texture.

Next, I gave made a silicone mold of the 3D print. Me and my mother (who yes, willingly wanted to work on this with me) painted the silicone solution onto the mold. After a few layers of silicone, we let the mold cure for the next step. Where I plastered the mold. This would be used to give it structure so I wouldn’t be stuck with a silicone bag. I split the plastered into two halves, front and back.

After the plaster was casted. I detached them from the mold, and I cut the mold off the 3D print. I technically no longer need the 3D print, but I still keep it because why would I ever get rid of it? Anyways, when I cut the mold off the 3D print, I cut it into two halves to match the plaster halves. Which I would lay them into and then brush the chocolate onto. After some layers of chocolate, I lined the two halves together, stood them up, and started filling them with chocolate so that the parts would be connected. From there, I brushed the inner walls with more chocolate. If the model is hollow, I would need even less chocolate to finish the project and that way I could actually eat this instead of having an impossible to eat solid chocolate statue. After some time and work, I took the mold off. The results were rough but nothing I can’t work with. For the rest of this project, me and my mother refined the model by sculpting the chocolate, by means of shaving and brushing chocolate. I added a ‘lid’ to the thighs as well.

Eventually we reached the finished product you saw. We finished it on Christmas day, I guess you could say it was a Christmas miracle. But really, I had been working on it for a long time. I originally meant to finish it for the Konosuba movie premiering in the US. But I missed that. Then I meant to get it done for Megumin’s birthday. I missed that too. Now I’m just content that I did this before the end of the year.

I also finished it along side my recreation of the 2016 Limited Edition Little Witch Academia Christmas Cake. Needless to say, it was a tasty Christmas.

Again, thanks to XenoAism for their 3D model of Megumin. You can find their website here.

Thank you to my mother, for helping me complete this project even though you probably should have disowned me a long time ago.

Thank you to my friends on reddit, for watching me go through this process and talking with me along the way.

If you have any questions about this project, please ask.

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